Hi I’m Gemala


It has been my obsession as Indonesian, that live in the country with a very rich nature, to introduce Indonesia to the world especially to my fellow Indonesian.

As a Roxy Indonesia professional surfer, it is my passion to share stories about how great the waves of Indonesia.

Living in Jakarta won’t stop me to do it.

Trough competitions I get my chances to explore surf spots that’s hard to reach by most of the surfers. Trough my other profession

as TV host (traveling programs), I broaden my experiences to get it touch with the nature and the cultures from all over Indonesia.

From Aceh in the west to Papua in the East, from Sangihe in the North to Rote in the South.

Since 2009, I consistently write my stories on my blog: http://www.gemala.me . Trough my twitter (@g_hanafiah), Instagram (@g_hanafiah),

and Facebook Page Gemala hanafiah I share stories and pictures of what I experience and feel.

Since 2014 i had published my own travel book called Ocean Melody and published my own documenter named Wet Traveler.

By doing it, I get more information and knowledge, and I realized how blessed I am.

contact me on : management@gemala.me

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